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Related article: Date : Fri, September 10, 2010 August 14 47 0100 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 58 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 58 - ". Hey," Archimedes Alex whispered from the side of his mouth. He put his right arm, Tom, " Did you hear about Jimmy breaking into the swamp, said Dave unzip his pants and flashing of beautiful white pants he stole from the first Year Child Barry! " " no, I saw Dave, but I'm not surprised Jimmy. "Tom turned around, and the bulk nodded in Alex's Shorts " she still thinks the weekend then? "n " of course not true ? "Alex looked at Tom short. "It seems that n a well ! " " might be. " He winked. "Cor, WOT a weekend, right? Mom says I looked very ill after tea, and she did not know what to look WOT that! Then I made ​​an early night ', and it was school today. " " and " ".. Well, I saw my father a little strange, like. " " So? " " I have no idea, no. grin " Tom and emotion asked, "So WOT d ' f think about it, yesterday I woke up at midnight and I was in my cum pajamas, sleep with my willie up yer bum ! " " I honest? "Alex was really flattered. "Well, I've put a finger the bed and thought of you. " " Really? " Tom smiled. "Only with a finger? " " Yer, that's enough! " Alex smiled and blushed. " You silly sod ! " Tom put his hand under the table and took Alex's hand, put a that the bulge in his gray trousers. "You know, it was lucky I had on me not in pajamas and clean sheets - because I think Mom kind to check my clothes and the " n "For WOT? "" Wank stains! " Tom whispered, looking vaguely. " I have a feeling of that is Lolita Incest the search for them? " " Oh, I do not know why they were doing then? " Alex answered a face that makes "O shit now I've been worried. Mom gave me a new light blue pajamas, and would not be half show no stain! " " bold blues and fronts yer party! "Tom drowned a laugh. "WOT You have to do is lie wanky special trousers carry yer jamma pants when needed at night. " " Wot You get my Y- Front is brave, anyway? "Alex chuckled. "Whatever I have already bedtime bit wanky pants wearing my shorts beneath me JimJam and all I have pants wanky sticky and hard all night ! So No sleeping on you? " " Yes, WOT about wearing pants to bed, I met an elderly couple and became ` em in the right wanky sticky pants, lives under my bed! " winked Tom. " Anyway, have you thought about this weekend in the room? D ' think it's as good as yesterday ? " "It will be bedsher, right? "Alex looked around and pushed him to the masses ". This means that everyone is at small scales that are not us, it will be is a good laugh. "N " I wonder, " said Tom," whether to invite the brother of Barry and Brian s bit. I mean, she was a couple of Lolita Incest real short little boys not them? " " Yer why not give them something to play with Jimmy, "said Alex. " And Mart " n " Of course, if he wants. "Tom smiled. " Why do not you ask for me. " " OK. "Alex began to feel a short zipper Tom. " But at this time is now... Can I... " " Yer, quiet, but. Damn, I could do with a masturbating after all about! "Tom turned around and smiled. " I am hard, but you can do this to me again this weekend. So WOT count d ' we must do in the shed? " " A lot of it ! "Alex was quite sunk and slid his hand through the fly was open and the outline of the letter from Tom in the short " I said I wanted a straw, and I bet.. "Tom breathe slowly and deeply. " Bet you can not doI am now ! " " Thomas. " " WOT? "Alex was surprised by this request. " Especially now, in yer pants ? " " Do you dare, we are not the kind of never ending before us? "Shook Alex 's head and smiled. What an idea so fantastic ! N " The first time for everything, " Tom turned around and deliberately Alex was eyes" in then go do that for me. " " right. "Alex swallowed hard as Tom slipped a little under the table for easy access. " But WOT by disorder in yer pants ? " " Well, do not play or anything today, so I know? " " Yer all hot and sticky, " Alex said of the pants feeling excited fly n ' yer is sorta wet! " " I just had a pee, plus leaky bit! "n " I am too. I ' spose we both wear pants then? "Said Alex thoughtfully. " Skidmarks on Oder stop yer pants ! " Said Tom, smiling. "Ways I Buttons n were up and down all morning thinking about us consider to be over again. When is the next time ? " "Us ? WOT, you ? " Lighting the Alex's face, his fingers curled by Tom to the erection of wet underpants. "Well, my mom said that s go back to work tomorrow afternoon you can come home after a me then. You can see the road in front of my room, so we could hear if returned. " " please. I also like. "Tom always woke up the second marked by. Alex 's hand grabbing the shorts trying to rub o one there. " Alex, you can do to.. go.. to rub my cock squeeze, rub... I just want cum n" Meanwhile, Alex and Tom excited. Since neither had heard of one, really running in underwear in front of the class that promise it was very exciting at first. Have you talked about art, they know it was so weird ! Tom pressure on the outside of his shorts and hand of Alex inside the fly, the act of masturbation was completely lively, but began as a result of Tom's writings \\ \\ n rather stretched. " I'mm.. I'mm running..... " Tom whistled hisBody burden in the chair. " fuck 's sake, then do it in silence! " Alex whispered as hard as as possible. Although the two to go and can not stop, Alex However, the beginning of a terrible premonition that he would have final in tears. pair of " oohh... it is so difficult that never go away.. oohhhh !" Murmured Tom softly, writhing on the polished wooden seat, while the tail began to n masturbate before shooting in his underwear. Alex felt like Tom Hahn pulse hot cum was forced out, and if the thin cotton of his letter to gather virtually in the palm of the s. The feeling of hot liquid is obtained directly from his hand, Tom body seemed an incredible bonding time. Carefully remove closed finger and hand, closed his eyes, raised it to the nose of his s, sniffed, and then slowly began to lick clean. "Thomas is still with us? I know that not much time left in this lesson , but it would be nice if you give usrejoin us until the end. " Thomas? Thomas? Who uses this name? as if it had an electric shock, Tom sat up straight and here that it was he who was called. All eyes in the class and centered on him. her eyes were open and blinking, seemed almost seen a ghost! of his little private world was shattered by the powerful voice of the Lord Turner physics professor. at the age of thirty years, more than six feet, certainly not without a sense of humor, well liked by his students young and old alike n. " Ah, Thomas. Therefore, we have your attention then. " ", Mr... "Tom hoarsely in a panic. " Yes, You are my Lord. Speak up. " now breaks into a cold sweat, convinced that his heart missed a few beats Tom was saying since he came to seem incompetent n is even smaller. "I hope you remember that as a physics class we learned about Archimedes and this great man who to do some practical work to test some of his theors next week. " Mr. Turner moved to one side of the table and very disarming smile n the room. " However, the young Thomas, because it does not seem to have with us the last time, All are alleged to have discussed other wonderful accomplishments some apparently Archimedes. And I hope that in a much greater order of magnitude, than you might expect. No doubt, like his fellow physicist, young Alex. " - He paused and smiled again. Do not take Tom shake stomach. The class was completely silent most of the views of Tom and Alex, with some is still trying to figure out what he said ! previous experience of the class knew that as a rule with Mr. Turner, who was a kind of point of his protests, to teach in their most humor and ensures the villain is a lesson he would not forget. ".. And you probably know what he said in the knowledge of Archimedes. You no longer have the added benefit of our knowledge. is in accordance with this statement Thomas? " In the sweat of his brow Tom looked around as the class goldfish in a bowl, completely unable to use the content of what is meant Lord Turner said , much less his sense of humor. " WOT, WOT? I... WOT is that sir? I.. I do not.. I... " He murmured. " No, I think not! "Mr. Turner smiled again. Tom seemed lost. He was lost ! My mouth was dry, unable to speak. Alex hid behind a desk trying desperately to remove the remaining sticky snack cum n de la Plana. 's hand at the bottom of the chair " Ergo," Turner said : "I think probably the best, if here in front of the class and explain what is exactly what aspect of Archimedes work discussed. So come with me. " ", but.. but.. WOT WOT us... discuss.. but.. I can not.. I... WOT! "n " Of course you can, that's what their little legs ! " In the back of the room, Simon had started laughing after you have already guessed n what if never envisaging Tom cum in the class. Mr. Turner looked. "Simon, you are here, as in minutes good when you stop, dass. 's Tom 's turn at first so if you want to go second now is your chance. " Silence. "Thomas, now! As a teacher I stand in front of the class all day, there need to be shy. Soon get used to it so that and come here. " with a lot of Lolita Incest noise of chairs on the floor of Tom slowly the feet of his s with clear rubber knees resting on the desk. Alex was quickly in his left eye and was horrified to see , the profile that Tom still had his erection, it was the gray shorts stores ominous. Alex gulped when he saw that the march is still wide open with white underwear clearly visible. To make matters worse, so I was close to can easily see the white ribbed cotton and what looked like a wet instead ! The question was, he should talk to Tom? The end result, decided against as Tom is now likelyand only panic to grab his bow the matter much worse. After the previous days strenuous sexual escapades, energy Tom emotional and physical well below normal. S starting at feel exhausted, made what appeared to be a superhuman effort to make its way between the rows of tables in front of the class. It was obvious , obviously, those who saw his shorts as he slowly past the counters n which has a large erection. Fortunately for those who sat to his right, had the added advantage of being able to look into the zipper open admire the place every time wet the thin cotton of his Y- Front n In the beginning only heard strange laughter, is soon followed by for several breaths and sounds to whisper. Of course, all classes soon effort to see what the excitement, and Tom, who, despite knowing that must be something with your performance not only straight, not daring to look down. Mr. Turner was stoppedAcross the table and could not see, Tom much below the breast, not particularly confused about the disorder does not take much notice is not calm to look around and tell the class. As he did, Tom finally came into the panel and the n in the other side of the table, so that Mr. Turner was flying blind with respect to the mounting Tom and yawning. " Calm down. Boys, I said reassuringly. " Finally, for the kids, but for those with an interest in such a issues such as the erection and clothing inside and they were always sporting the erection of their own. Mr. Turner looked at the class and then back to Tom, who looked puzzled, Search the entire wall. What is laughing all the they do not know and do not want to know. "Thomas, that here, " Mr. Turner rolled a piece of chalk on the table, " You may have to support your explanation. " "... sir, "said Tom weakly. "Declaration.. but WOT? " Mr. Turner smiled. "The problem is talking with about Alex, surely you remember? " The noise in the class was again. Some of the boys sniggering and the majority were whispering back and they knew all why. N ", but.. I do not know.. I... I can not... can not.. "N " You know, I really do not know you could. "Swallow Tom. Mr. Turner stood before the class. " Well guys, I said quietly and I mean quiet. As you know, this is a lesson to everyone, not just for Thomas. By this I mean that it is Speak or acceptable kludge in my class, like Thomas here now target for the future of teaching, as I hope all of you. " As the words sank in the noise decreased rapidly. " This is better. "Mr. Turner looked at Tom and continued. " It seems that Thomas seems to have forgotten what Alex spoke, , but I could at least tell us the lesson of recent weeks. or, and it was fun. " Yes, it's easy. Just tell the class what they Archimedes.. " He paused and continued with perfect timing, "no the bathroom.. " in the front with a perfect view through open Tom fly, Harry already had a profound change in his pocket and took something hard through her ​​white panties \\ \\ s. With heavy testosterone in the air and the method I was not quite stop is called. " Archy WOT did Tom just made! " After a shocked moment of silence, the whole class burst into laughter. Tom finally looked down. His erection was still as strong as before, the shorts tents and open fly white underwear showing. in desperation, he pulled the zipper, but was caught quickly. Events are catch up with him, feeling insecure about their feet was based largely on the chair behind the desk. The result was expected, absolute chaos. As each child was sent as something to do in the bathroom, the pointing, insults and indecent proposals quickly Lolita Incest escalated to a crescendo. only when Mr. Turner came to see what was still n excited, he saw Tom it looked horrible and apparently close to tears. Surprised to see the short wide, suddenly, along with kind of hysterical reaction all made sense. Feeling very angry that unwittingly allowed the child to be n humbled by the class, waved back to his Alex and Tom n site. It was not long until it rings again, and then create the discipline of class do your homework the class before the lesson rang the dinner n to break. He quickly dismissed the class, he turned his attention to Tom and Alex s still sitting at their desks. " Well, you are a bright pair, right? " very nervous, sweaty, facial expressions ranging from fear shame and it was everything they do to stop break in the tears. Scratching your feet on the ground Tomlooking at the table of fossils s, it probably will happen next. " Uumm.. that..... but me. " Croaked, Alex, that was as far as he arrived. "There is no ' but is it? " Interrupted Mr. Turner over it. "It's disgusting little boy in my class were masturbating, you can imagine what an insult that a teacher? " Can you talk about Tom was fighting back tears, was a losing battle. This was certainly on a visit to the school board and parents says it is. It is likely that the end of the world. Alex opened his mouth to say something, nothing came out. Gradually up the white face of fear and tears now stack in the corners of the eyes. " Well, no, what did you say ? Thought better of you than these two. They must be educated, this is terrible school Integral from a poor neighborhood. " "we... we... do not.... sorry.. " Tom mumbled looking to continue from the table, struggling desperately to maintain control of their bowels and sphincter. Lolita Incest " By God "While Thomas, I never expected from you. Just look at own. How old are you " sniffing and rubbing his eyes, replied in a halting voice :" " Pull a chair from a nearby table, sat down before of them. " Twelve and n... twelve years and. almost.. " " Twelve and a little.. "Mr. Turner graduated, then turned to Alex, " and that, the same thing? " " Yer, but... Lolita Incest no.. that.. that.. Sorry.. that.. "Alex said as tears began run down his cheeks. Reflections on the principal's office and the reaction of parents and that posed a threat alarming. " If you were older you would on their way to the director immediately and I would write to his parents. " " WOT.. I do not understand that.. "Tom whispered through tears. The severity of the , the situation was clarified by his parents, he was heard petrified of what he had done. Many fear now seized him, trembled subject to keep the legs together in a desperate attempt to get wet or worse. " you Wot... WOT you.. mean, sir? "Alex asked him lame. " Well, obviously not the first kid to do it in a class and I make sure not the last. " " Uumm WOT.... do not know.. "Tom as thought, the battle of the bladder has been lost. Dribbling of urine were small to escape his clothes, and as if the tears of solidarity are starting to run down her cheeks. "I suspect that this incident was caused by a new danger : important discovery in your life. " Mr. Turner looked strict. " WOT WOT...... is my" Alex asked, totally confused. Tom tried to pretend it was not there and just pray the day would end. I wanted to go home. Go anywhere, in fact. " The discovery of masturbation. " Turner said coldly. " Err. But we have only in the past.. " Alex's voice dropped, his tears full face looked miserably. Apparently, I was afraid of his wit now accidentally miss, as they really were sexually inexperienced. "I see, not very long since. " To Alex to headwn and looked down. What a thing to admit to and a master of all. scratching the back of the head, Mr. Taylor paused to consider the matter. It s had to clarify his own mind was, why was no doubt a guy o more years older, the class act often as an act of success. But this was different, only two children, masturbation only discovered just could not stop. " So I was not planned at all, not talk about it or do anything before? " " WOT? Planned..... why not ?" it was Alex who again responded. Tom was busy with his own world, which is waiting for the fall of n path to the principal's office. You can see through his tears that just nodded. This was without doubt the worst moment of his life s. Urine hot now oozing out of his shorts, little by little could the sensation of drip in the back of the legs, soaking her white stockings and shoes of n. " So, really the performance of this morning was only the firstExperiences of these wonderful feeling to have discovered new ? " He paused Lolita Incest and looked them:" Well, the truth really is that you can not. Is approximately n right? " was a terrible confession to make, but it was true. Do not look up nodded and murmured something. " Thomas, fly well, at least, that their. "Mr. Turner said looking down. Remember that partner feeling rather sorry that the outbreaks were as break into adulthood. " You can not... I broke the zipper ! "Said Alex smell. N " We have Alex? Oh God, I think that is detailed enough now, "he sighed. " Now I also think we've all had enough of it. So listen, this is what we do. " A small puddle had been forming on the floor in the classroom and was surprised to of what looked like a waterfall Mr. Turner looked strange to before realizing who came from the region 's chair Tom. Lolita Incest " Oh, my God! What the... " Despite their eyes firmly closed Tom's face was wet with tears, his filled or left shoechlorine and light gray trousers were very dark. Soaked. A single parent, in just a moment, Mr. Turner, to see the start incontinence symptoms had subsided completely evaporates now to the point of which has approved by the trauma. Without hesitation, and came to a put his hand on Tom 's shoulder. " Alex, go get some paper towels in the bathroom. Many of them!" Looking as if she had been crying for a week and hoped that he was not satisfied a someone I knew Alex on the road trying to use the bathroom. ", Thomas, refused. " Audience Tom closes the door looked at Mr. Turner, through a combination of inhaled smells Lolita Incest and the question that burned in his head. " Lord... that.. that.. we will see the director.. ? You.. You n in writing, to my dad.. " " No, I think not. "Mr. Turner finally smiled. " Just look at you, you are only a couple of stupid kids ! " N "We.. we will not see your boss? " Tom growled in disbelief. "However, I.... was in. We did. YER in class. ""No... I know you, but.. " Alex walked slowly back to the room holding a handful of blue paper towels. "WOT ?" Said he interrupted and not sure if I heard right. " I know you have. " Turner said. "I do not even see the head of the so in writing is sent to parents to do more than the sum of the humiliation and shame that has been added to. It is likely to the rest of his life the memories remain. I think, Thomas, along with spending the rest of the afternoon, dressed as , is more than enough punishment. " At what point Tom emotions took over and grabbed the hand of Mr. Turner broke a mourn. Alex did not know what to say, he just looked n with the teacher and gave a weak smile. ".. Well," continued Mr. Turner, stayed in the throat, but had to by the reaction of Tom. He stood up, " I think I deserve a little academic , so you can work extra or you can use both the double trial. TheElection, what? Please, " " Task. "Tom hoarsely and administration of the weak seeking smiles. " Well. Report said here before the bell in the afternoon I taught You are on this and I'll give the work ahead. " He smiled. " Now Alex, only take you to the bathroom and cleaned. After that, I want someone to has to come back here to clean up this mess. Got it? " After losing more than half of their lunch, which was a lonely couple n sloppy cats, which eventually find their way into the dining area in the hope that some of his closest friends. chapter 59 for further
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